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a little information about Diabetes Screening

Diabetes Examination Research and Assessment

Researchers at leading universities around the world use the VISTA Study, an affordable web-based questionnaire delivery system, in accordance with HIPAA, to conduct longitudinal, interventional, and cross-sectional diabetes research.

Read on to see how the VISTA Study benefits diabetes researchers who have the following main requirements for their research studies:

Diabetes Risk Assessment and Management Studies


Recruiting and Approving the Recruitment Website – Speed ​​up your recruitment process by providing easy access to prospective research subjects, filtering out eligibility questionnaires, HIPAA information, online consent forms, etc.

Protect DataSecurity Privacy and Patient Privacy – Password protected, HIPAA survey system meets IRBs strict requirements for security and privacy.
See the Complete Questionnaire in Real-Time Data Access Real-Time – See your data immediately after it is collected. Easily browse to individual response levels to see details of specific subject responses. Apply filters to your results to see patterns in your data.

Export Data to Your Computer Data Download – By clicking on the button, you can download data in various formats, including Excel and XML
Longitudinal Studies Assessing Quality of Life in Diabetes Patients


Track Subject Activity and Report Response Rate on Request – Helps you monitor subject compliance. By clicking on the button display activity, skip the questionnaire report that is due or completed.

Remind Subject to Complete the Communication Management System Questionnaire – Automatically send email reminders to subjects when the questionnaire has passed because it thereby increases the response rate and subject compliance.

Prevent Subjects from Sending Questionnaires Not Complete Automatic Data Validation – Improves data quality by automatically detecting data entry that is illegal / out of reach, or questions that are not answered and encourages subjects to correct responses and resolve questions.

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