How to Track a Lost Hanphone With Gmail

Mobile or cell phone is an electronic device that functions for communication, cell phone functions are not just a communication tool, for example banking for money transactions and others. If our cellphone is lost, all confidential data will be easily discovered.

Maintaining a cellphone using keywords does not guarantee that all secrets on pandas will be safe. When viewed from various applications that are used to track cellphones, then one main way is to use

E-mail. Email can be used in tracking because everything is connected to the internet and all personal data has been kept confidential. Make sure when using a cell phone. Email can function as a GPS making it easier for users to track cellphones

tracking using this email is wider in scope. Help from Google Maps from Google is the way to track lost cellphones with gmail. Now here’s how to track cellphones with Gmail.


Open the device

If your cellphone disappears immediately find the device to open the device manager through a browser. Whether it’s using a mobile device, laptop or computer and make sure everything is connected to the internet. Then log in to the gmail account that is used on the lost cellphone. Choose the same language as the lost cellphone. You will be seen a lot of features.


Secure data on mobile

From some of the features available you need to know one by one. First is ringing the cellphone loudly so that many people know that it’s a stolen cellphone.Second is the feature of locking the cellphone so that no one can open it even safer than a fingerprint.

Third is the feature to delete important content in a lost cellphone. You can choose which features are considered important to do first before tracking.

It’s time to trace the cellphoneOn the screen to track where the cellphone is located just click the GPS icon. This icon is in the right corner of the pop up window. Be sure to turn on GPS on android at the first setting on the lost cellphone. This is very important to facilitate tracking later.

If the phone is lost, it will be easier to track it this way. After clicking GPS on the pop up window, you will see where the cellphone is through the Google


Map that appears.

Now tracking cell phones can be done easily to deal with theft. Whether it’s through an application or email, even in the condition of a dead cellphone, cellphones can still be tracked. If you have confidential data that is very important you should use the data erase feature to eliminate all special data such as saved bank pins.

Make sure when you buy a new cellphone, everything is connected to Gmail. Activate your gmail account and make sure GPS is always on. That way whatever application is used to track, all will find cellphones more accurately. No need to fear theft anymore.