The Internet is an ideal way to collect self-report data

Collect self-report data via the Internet and eliminate:

  • Photocopying and related expenses
  • Time and expense required for “key punch”
  • Data translation errors during transcription
  • Time lag between data acquisition and the creation of the database

Collect self-report data via the Internet and gain:

  • Easy access to the questionnaires anytime of day from any PC
  • Time and date stamped entries that ensure that prospective sampling is indeed prospective
  • The ability to provide standardized explanations for questions via mouse-overs
  • Enhanced data validity via
    • the ability to set ranges on question responses
    • the ability to query the subject while he/she is making an out of range response (i.e., did you mean …)
  • Enhanced subject compliance
    • automatic queries re: skipped items during test administration
    • automated email alerts reminds subjects to complete assigned tasks
  • The ability to pre-program
    • data conversion (e.g., standard time to time elapsed from standard anchors)
    • data transformation (e.g., height and weight to BMI)
    • data scoring (e.g., scoring of instruments by standard algorithms)
  • An easy and safe way to download acquired data in spreadsheet formats

The Sleep Assessment Internet Data Portal collects self-report data

The Sleep Assessment Internet Data Portal, powered by VISTA Studies, provides the following:

  • Quick deployment of study specific sites with customized pages and personalized URLs
  • Easy subject registration via administrative utilities that allows for both single and group enrollments
  • Suites of different questionnaires delivered at different schedules and administrative frequencies depending on the study protocol
  • Easy access for Coordinators to
    • review subject data (e.g., for eligibility assessments)
    • generate printed copies of completed instruments (e.g., for study binders)
    • hand enter (under their ID) subject data provided in a paper format
  • Enhanced security
    • password protection for all users
    • password-controlled access to data
    • data transmission via a secure website link
    • data stored on professional servers
  • Easy collaboration with programmers, web designers, and consulting scientists to ensure the quality and integrity of each study site