Sleep Assessment Research

Researchers at leading universities worldwide are using VISTA Studies, an affordable, HIPAA-compliant, IRB-approvable web-based questionnaire delivery system, to conduct longitudinal, interventional, and cross-sectional sleep research.

Read on to see how VISTA Studies benefited sleep researchers who had the following key requirements for their research studies:

Interventional Study Evaluating the Use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia in Cancer Survivors


  • Administer Questionnaires Based on a Study ProtocolProtocol Scheduler – Incorporates your protocol timeline and delivers the appropriate questionnaires to subjects according to your protocol.
  • Protect Privacy of Patient DataSecurity and Privacy – Password-protected, HIPAA-compliant survey system meets IRBs stringent requirements for security and privacy.
  • View Completed Questionnaires in Real-TimeReal-Time Data Access – View your data as soon it is collected. Easily drill down to the individual response level to see the details of particular subject’s response. Apply filters to your results to see patterns in your data.
  • Export Data to Your ComputerData Download – With the click of a button you can download your data in multiple formats, including Excel and XML

Acute Insomnia Prevention Study


  • Recruit and Consent SubjectsRecruitment Website – Speeds up your recruitment process by providing prospective research subjects with easy access to study information, screening eligibility questionnaires, HIPAA information, on-line consent forms, etc.
  • Remind Subjects to Complete QuestionnairesCommunication Management System – Automatically sends out email reminders to subjects if questionnaires are past due thereby increasing subjects’ response rates and compliance.

Longitudinal Study Evaluating the Etiology of Primary and Secondary Insomnia


  • Conduct Multiple Studies from a Single WebsiteMulti-Study Website – Hosts multiple studies from a single website providing you with a centralized repository to track subjects’ activity and response rates for all your studies.
  • Provide Information to Subjects During StudyCommunication Management System – Communicate with and inform your subjects throughout the study using FAQs, online forums, etc.

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