Top 5 best phone locator apps for Android, IOS

Top 5 best phone locator apps for Android, IOS

With the digital technology age like today, each phone line will have a separate operating system, in this article TTAS will guide you to some phone positioning applications of others on Android operating system. and IOS

Note: for this tutorial you can apply to your phone, if in case you leave your phone somewhere you will find it easier.

For Android operating system

For Android phones we have 2 ways to locate the phone.

Android Device Manager application

  • Step 1: Create a Google account and log in (Gmail) to the phone that you need to monitor -> on the setting to turn on the phone’s location so it’s done.
  • Step 2: How to start implementing the phone locator application that you visit will appear the phone locator location interface You need to track where you are. So you know where the phone you want to track is, right?
5 Super hot phone locator application

This software only guides me so I would like to add for you who want to find your lost phone (make sure your phone has 3G connection and login to your Google account (Gmail) you know)

In the interface section will be located to locate the phone:

  • Play sound: when you select this item, your phone will ring, wherever you are or in silence for 5 minutes.
  • Lock: You select the lock feature, the program will ask you to set up a new password and will lock the phone again, only enter this newly created password to open the device (the phone must remain open and with 3G, Wifi network connection.

In case the phone does not open or there is no 3G connection, Wifi will be kept there until the phone only needs to be opened and internet is available immediately (unless the person who runs the software re-runs the software, but runs The software also deletes your data.

  • Delete: in this section You select the remote wipe feature, the program will ask you to be sure to delete all phone data? When you agree, the data will be erased from the device but according to the notice, the data on the SD memory card cannot be erased. (The phone must be open and have 3G, Wifi connection).

In case the phone does not open or there is no 3G connection, Wifi is still kept there until the phone just opens up and internet is available immediately

Therefore, how to locate the phone number when lost or stolen is not sure to find the device 100%, because when someone takes your phone, it will definitely turn off the phone to remove the sim immediately. Now the phone search feature does not work, but with these tips it is still more than not, perhaps important personal data need to be removed from the device, this is a ray of hope. This is also a limitation of this function.

Google Maps Timeline application

  • Step 1: Prepare as step 1 of Android Device Manager application and make sure the phone has 3G connection
  • Step 2: Access its useful link as well as Android Device Manager application but it has a more special feature that it supports review device’s travel history, specifically the destination of the device you are logged in to.

Note that in these 2 ways, method 1 will have a notification to the monitoring device, carefully before doing so.

How to locate other phone numbers for IOS

For iOS operating systems, there is an application that allows users to locate other people’s phones without touching their phones. As expected, this application can solve this problem named: Search for friends.

5 Super hot phone locator application

This is an application available in the AppStore, with this app you can follow other people that the person doesn’t know. Because it is very simple that you have no impact on the phone of the object you want to track.

Steps to prepare on phone tracking device :

  • Your phone must run ISO 7
  • Enable sharing of iPhone location of the person you want to follow
  • Save the phone number of the tracking object with a name that you can easily remember
  • Turn on Air Drop both phones and choose Air Drop everyone
  • Next set up on your phone is New app to find you -> Add -> select the phone name you want to follow -> complete.
  • Accept the request to find you from your phone on the phone you set up to track, and on the phone you want to track yourself, remember to choose to decline, the purpose is to let the enemy not see your location. friend. So finished just open the phone on the contact and see their location.