Various Ways to Overcome Slow Android HP

slow-cell-phone – Slow Android phones sometimes cause emotions the most. Yes or no? When you always depend on using an Android cellphone, it will annoy you too if the performance is getting slower or slower. Actually there are many factors that cause decreased performance of Android phones. Apart from the problem of the specifications of each smartphone, the way you are a smartphone user also has an effect. So, how do you deal with slow Android phones?

After using an Android cellphone for years, there is usually a decrease in the performance of the smart phone. In addition to decreasing battery performance, slow Android phones must also occur. If your favorite gadget has started to slow down, it just feels emotional!

The slow performance of Android phones is not solely due to the age of smartphones. The way you use and care for your smartphone also has a big role in making Android slow. Remember that an Android cellphone also certainly has different capacities and it’s only natural for you to adjust your needs according to that capacity.

Then, do you have to immediately buy the latest smartphone when you find an Android cellphone slow? This is not entirely true. It’s a good idea to check your smartphone again, lest this is the cause of your Android cellphone to slow down due to the improper way of using it.

Here are some brief explanations about slow Android phones that can add to your insight about smartphones. Also learn simple ways to keep your Android cellphone from getting sluggish even after years of use. Listen yes!

Cause of Slow Android Cellphone


1. Android phones are slow if you ignore the amount of memory

Look again at the specifications of the smartphone memory you use. Don’t just stick to RAM, but also check how much internal memory is left. Most slow Android phones are caused by users who are not sensitive, aka ignoring the amount of internal memory remaining.

Before the Android phone becomes slow, avoid excessive data storage in the internal memory. If necessary, delete old data that has been stored in the internal memory for years. When the internal memory starts to become full move most of the data to external memory or laptop. This simple thing can anticipate slow Android phones to occur.

2. Use One Antivirus Application Only

It is very natural that you want to provide the best protection on a smartphone by installing an antivirus application. However, it is also important to be wiser in using just one antivirus application. You need to know that antivirus applications are always running and of course suck up memory and RAM. Can you imagine, what happens if there are too many antivirus applications on your smartphone?

The more antivirus applications that are running, the RAM becomes wasteful so that Android phones become sluggish. So, it would be better if you simply install an antivirus application on your smartphone instead of having to experience slow Android cellphones.

3. Always Update Software Will Not Make HP Android Slow

If you receive a notification to update the software, you can immediately update it according to the instructions. Usually, updating the operating system can significantly improve smartphone performance. In short, the problems brought about from the previous system can be better addressed.

However, again, you have to pay attention to your internal memory capacity. Slow Android cellphones can occur because the updated operating system cannot be filled with your smartphone’s internal memory. In addition, pay attention to always updating the applications that you use frequently so that smartphone performance does not decrease due to old application usage.

4. Delete Applications You Rarely Use

The more applications that appear on the Play Store, the higher your curiosity will be to install them on a smartphone. Be careful, impulsiveness installing lots of applications without seeing the need can make Android phones slow. Just try to check the applications that are already installed on your smartphone, is it true that you use them all regularly?

Your Android cellphone’s storage space can be taken up by these applications that you rarely use. As a result, Android’s performance will decrease. Immediately delete applications that are not important to prevent slow Android phones.

5. Android cellphones will not be slow if you are diligent in doing clear cache

Cache is a place to store temporary data from applications that you are currently using or have used. With this function, you can easily open previously used applications. Unfortunately, cache that accumulates is not a good thing because it can make Android phones slow.

For that, you have to regularly clear the cache in every application that you have ever used. This simple habit is sometimes lazy for many people to do, even though the benefits are enormous. In order to avoid slow Android cellphones, from now on, get used to being diligent in clear cache.

6. Reduce Unimportant Widget Usage

Using widgets on smartphones is proven to enhance the appearance of your smartphone. Therefore, widgets are quite popular among Android users. However, who would have thought that using too many widgets could make Android phones slow.

The widgets you use can consume large enough RAM so that smartphone performance slows down, aka causing slow Android phones. Therefore, make sure the widgets you use are only important. For example, just the clock and the weather.

7. Install a Multi-Purpose Application so as not to get slower

Instead of installing too many applications that are rarely used, it’s better to use the available memory space to install multi-purpose applications. If an antivirus can detect the presence of a virus or malware, then a multipurpose application functions to indicate things that make Android phones slow.

One application that is quite widely used is Clean Master. This application can detect and relieve hot temperatures, delete old data that has accumulated, and stop some applications that reduce RAM performance. Very suitable for slow Android cellphone solutions!

8. Slow Android HP due to Too Much Auto Sync

One way to stop a slow Android cellphone is to turn off the auto sync feature on your smartphone. Try checking, there must be many applications that you use with this feature. Starting from social media to chatting.

Turning off this feature is quite useful for dealing with slow Android phones. It’s just that, later you will be a little inconvenient when you have to open several applications manually. Maybe you need to try this method to see the performance of your Android cellphone first.